Fantasy 451HHH-007 full version Cuck

Fantasy 451HHH-007 full version Cuck play

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PORN: To have you drop to your knees and look up at me as I take your head in my heads and guide that pretty mouth to my hard-aching cock To push my cock across those lips and tongue till you start to gag and then pull you back only to do it again and again Forcing a little more each time until the boiling in my balls erupts and shots up my cock and down your throat You swallow all and keep sucking to keep me hard and then you climb up and over me and kiss me deep as I can taste myself on your lips You take my cock and rub it against your dripping pussy and then slowly lower yourself until my pubic hair is grinding against your clit You start to rub back and forth rubbing your clit and pussy lips against me bringing you higher and higher You can feel the heat building in your pussy radiating outward at the same time I can feel you squeezing my cock Your movements become more unstable and jerky and then you throw your head back and moan loud as your pussy grabs me tighter than ever and I thrust up hard and you soak me from you orgasm I keep pushing up deeper still till I've gone deeper than anyone else


. I can’t resist it and rub my cock up and down her dripping pussy and push it in slowly. “To hold you once more in my arms as I kiss those sweet lips to have my hands run across that sexy ass

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. . "I'm so


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451HHH-007 full version