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This all started when I came home from school early one afternoon, dad wasn’t in the downstairs room so I thought he was in his office in the attic, as I needed to ask him something I went up looking for him, when I reached the top of the stairs I froze, and had to bite my hand to stop him hearing my gasp, daddy was completely naked coming out of the bathroom drying his hair, my eyes were fixed on his penis which was sticking right out in front of him, as he walked it bobbed a little, it looked so huge, but then to a 12 year old it would, when he had entered his room I quickly ran down stairs and out into the garden and climbed up into the tree house he had built for me and my siblings, I had a funny tingling between my legs and I soon found out if I rubbed my vagina it felt better

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. I had butterflies in my stomach and my head was spinning, I never really thought this would happen, but it was, and it was better than I had imagined and he was only sucking my tits. We sat in silence, me wondering what he was thinking about, and would I finally get to have my wish come true

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. . let's make the most of it


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